Dance. Evoke. Give. This is the company’s motto and the purpose of its existence. We dance because it’s a part of who we are and what we love to do. We evoke emotions and stories through dance which allows other to relate to. We give back because we want to help the community and be more than just another dance group. Plus, we have tons of fun doing so.

Evoke Dance Company is a non-profit charity-based contemporary and hip-hop dance group founded by Jeniffer Hsu, Justine Hsu, and Josephine Lau. Established in April of 2011 in the San Gabriel Valley, Evoke Dance Company envisions itself to be a dance haven for all dancers in the Los Angeles community. We focus on contemporary and hip-hop movement and seek opportunities to fuse both styles into some of our work. Our dancers come together to learn from one another, express creativity, and evoke a variety of human emotion and thoughts through dance movement. Our love for music and the performing arts will converge with the passion we have to help others. This company not only serves as an outlet for us to “evoke” our creative passion in dance movement, but also “evoke” us to give back to our community through charitable work and service.